1) Mumps…it’s everywhere

In his Globe and Mail article this week, Andre Picard argues that “Mumps outbreaks underscore need for vaccinations,” acknowledging that “Most of those who have contracted mumps are vaccinated – but under-vaccinated.”

We already know, it’s in Toronto

It’s in Minnesota

It’s in Alberta….

It’s in Vancouver….

In response to an outbreak amongst the Vancouver Canucks, the Beaverton (Canada’s favourite satirical paper) reported that the team had fired it’s team doctor Jenny McCarthy. “We became concerned after Dr. McCarthy insisted putting Gwyneth Paltrow’s muscle toning cream on Alexander Edler fractured fibula as treatment,” explained Canucks Coach Willie Desjardins. “And the only prescription she gave out was for her book, ‘Louder than Words.’”


2) 3 people in Ontario contract Seoul virus spread by rats

“Dr. David Williams says the Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care is investigating three human cases of Seoul virus among people who had prolonged contact with rats. Williams says no serious health problems have been reported.”

I think we can all agree that this is a serious issue that strikes right at the seoul of public health in Ontario, and requires quick action to ensure e-rat-ication of the of disease in this province….we really wouldn’t want this to tail on, and the least we can do is try to make a ro-dent in the burden of this disease.


3) Ontario doctors ‘distressed’ over wave of bullying, infighting

It was not a good week for our profession’s reputation, as a Toronto Star investigation revealed “…a damaging wave of cyberbullying and intimidation is sweeping through the ranks of Ontario doctors, complete with obscene emails, threats against each other’s medical careers and refusals to take patient referrals from adversaries.”

A follow-up opinion article argued that the CPSO needed to step up, mentioning that the CPSO registrar had stated that the CPSO, “expects that physicians will act respectfully toward their patients, colleagues and other members of the health-care team. If they don’t, there will be consequences.”


4) Canada’s family doctors push to ban solitary confinement in prisons

At least doctors did something admirable this week…”The College of Family Physicians of Canada outlined the position in a statement released on Monday, saying the “ethical, moral and professional obligations” of the profession compelled the group to take a tough stand on solitary.”

5) Can Canada aggressively lower tobacco use by 2035?
Federal Health Minister Jane Philpott has committed to reducing tobacco use among Canadians to less than 5 per cent by 2035, telling an audience Wednesday at the National Forum on the Future of Tobacco Control in Canada that “preventing a new generation of smokers is a priority.”

6) Better medicare the prescription for Ontario: Opinion

A couple of physicians argue that “better medicare, rather than the elimination of medicare, is what Ontarians need and deserve.”



7) Do pet cats cause schizophrenia? A new study suggests no.

A new study of about 5,000 children in the United Kingdom found no evidence that cat ownership during gestation or childhood was associated with psychotic experiences that can be early signs of mental illness — such as hallucinations or delusions of being spied on — when they were teenagers.

8) Edged at the tape by a 99-year-old, this 92-year-old runner wants a rematch

This viral video of a 60-meter race at the USA Track and Field masters indoor championships between where Dixon Hemphill, 92 and 99-year-old Orville Rogers is straight up compelling.

9) 8-year-old goalie with wicked dance moves goes viral

The future is looking just fine!