The Public Health & Preventive Medicine Residency Program

- University of Toronto -

The vision of the Public Health & Preventive Medicine Residency Program at the University of Toronto is to be a great place to learn and a great place to teach Public Health Specialist Medicine to improve health and contribute to society in Canada and globally. Our mission is to train public health physician leaders and to graduate Public Health and Preventive Medicine specialists who possess the knowledge, skills and values to make independent, evidence-informed, community responsive, accountable and ethical decisions to assess, maintain and improve health overall and reduce health inequities in communities and populations.

While our program emphasizes the skills and knowledge needed serve as local medical officers of health, it also prepares trainees for Public Health and Preventive Medicine specialist roles in research, education and practice in a variety of government, academic and non-government settings at the national, regional, local and global level. The program also supports trainees to gain clinical certification in Family Medicine and to explore synergies at intersection of clinical medicine and public health.


Our program was founded by Dr. C.P. Shah as the ‘Community Medicine Residency Program’ in 1976. Since that time it has grown and developed thanks to the contributions of its leaders, faculty, trainees and many others.