Dr. Shixin (Cindy) Shen, PGY2

Dr. Shixin (Cindy) Shen

During my undergraduate training in human biology and nutritional sciences, I became increasingly cognizant of the importance of lifestyle modification in chronic disease prevention. Besides participating in health promotion activities, I pursued a masters degree in public health in order to learn more about disease prevention and distribution. In graduate school, I conducted research on influenza vaccine effectiveness and the Air Quality Health Index. I gained an appreciation for population-level interventions for disease prevention and enjoyed the intellectual challenges of epidemiological research. My clinical and volunteer experiences during medical school taught me the importance of addressing social determinants of health and fostered an interest in health equity. Having worked with a local chapter of the Institute for Healthcare Improvement (IHI) Open School and performed quality of care research, I am also passionate about effecting system-level changes to improve healthcare quality. In addition, I have an interest in education and have been especially involved in advocating for quality improvement education in medicine. My additional research interests include cancer screening, occupational health and safety, and care of the elderly.

Education & Certifications

BSc (human biology, nutritional sciences) 2009, University of Toronto

MD 2015, University of Toronto

MPH (community health and epidemiology) 2011, University of Toronto



Public Health Interests

Health equity, Social determinants of health
Healthcare quality
Immunization and vaccines
Occupational Medicine, Environmental health
Cancer screening
Chronic disease prevention
Epidemiological research
Public health administration

Other Areas of Interest: Care of the elderly, Quality Improvement & Patient Safety