This Week in Public Health News | Week of May 8

1) Some Aunt Jemima products being recalled for possible Listeria contamination
“The Canadian Food Inspection Agency says Pinnacle Foods Canada Corporation is recalling Aunt Jemima Frozen Waffles and Frozen French Toast Slices due to possible Listeria monocytogenes contamination.”



2) Minnesota Sees Largest Outbreak of Measles in Almost 30 Years

“The outbreak started among Somali Minnesotans who have a low vaccination rate for M.M.R.” What is particularly interesting is that the community was “targeted” by members of the anti-vaccination movement. Vaccination rates in the community had been as high or even higher than those in the white population, but that began to change in 2008. “Mohamud Noor, executive director of the Confederation of Somali Community in Minnesota, said anti-vaccine activists had met one-on-one with families and had been more aggressive than public health educators in getting their message out.”


3) ‘A state of emergency’: HIV rates in Sask. rise again in 2016

“According to preliminary numbers provided by the Ministry of Health, there were 170 new cases of the disease reported in province last year, which is an increase of 10 since 2015.”


4) How to improve Indigenous health? Address jurisdictional disputes

Josée Lavoie, a professor in the Department of Community Health Sciences, and director of the Manitoba First Nations Centre for Aboriginal Health Research, discusses the impacts of jurisdiction on Aboriginal health.


5) Canada’s Olympians are whiter and better off than general population, according to study

An interesting article on the demographics of the Canadian Olympian team.


6) Now, more than ever, we need a national vaccination plan 

Andre Picard reflects on the ongoing need for a national vaccination plan, including a vaccine registry, noting that “Canada has one of the worst rates of childhood immunization in the developed world.” This article was published in the same week of an outbreak of pertussis in Prince Albert where the population was once again advised to ‘check their vaccination status’ – something that is actually quite difficult to do.


And in other news this week… [HUMOUR]

7) MMMBop turns 20

Hanson released it’s debut album 20 years this week, exposing the world to one of the best pop songs of all ‘MMMBop.’ How old do YOU feel?

8) 7 Canadian snacks you can’t get in the U.S. and the backstory on why

Did you know that Canada is the only country with pink cream soda? That is bonkers.

9) Beaver taken into custody and released

A classic Canadian crime caper.



Curated by Dr. Alex Summers